USAID is supporting Asian countries in translating their NDC commitments into specific activities through Comprehensive Action for Climate Change Initiative in Asia (CACCI-Asia) activities to:

  • Develop a map of the policy system, partners, institutions, resources, and stakeholders involved in NDC implementation.
  • Through a series of consultative workshops and processes, strengthen institutional capacity for national level coordination for NDC implementation including project development, a national network of partners, resource mobilization, and policy and strategy integration.
  • Strengthen analytical capacity of network partners in generating evidence for project and program design through specific skill development workshops including policy analysis and preparing evidence-based programming for NDC implementation.
  • Develop a strategy for a prototype monitoring, tracking, and reporting system by compiling the existing data sources and developing a dashboard for real time reporting of the progress.
  • Provide analytical support and evidence-based recommendations for policy implementation.

CACCI-Asia Countries

CACCI-Asia Partners

CACCI-Asia is a USAID initiative to support Asian countries’ climate strategy targets and the implementation of NDCs and NAPs in collaboration with Michigan State University, the International Food Policy Research Institute, ReSAKSS Asia, and other partnering institutions. 

Logos for USAID, Michigan State University, IFPRI, and ReSAKSS Asia.


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CACCI-Asia Updates

CACCI-Asia Regional Updates

  • April 2023
    • Suresh Babu co-organized and participated in a CACCI Asia panel during the global outreach event on April 25, 2023, at the PRCI global gathering in Ghana.
  • March 2023
    • Suresh Babu gave an in-person presentation onClimate Change and Food Systems: From Research to action at the 11th Asian Society of Agricultural Economists International Conference (ASAE) meetings on Mar 18, 2023, in Tokyo, Japan.The conference provided a platform for academics, policymakers, professionals, and specialists from public and private sectors to discuss climate change issues and the way forward.
    • At the ASEAN-CRN Knowledge Exchange Event and Partners Meeting, Suresh Babu presented ‘How climate change and agriculture initiatives are trying to reverse global warming and adapt to impacts of climate change possible priorities’ on Mar 28, 2023.The key objectives of the meeting were:
      1. To enhance understanding of utilization of agromet, climate information services and digitalization of information as well as potential use of agro-insurance in accessing loss and damage funds;
      2. To increase knowledge on how agriculture can help achieve national climate targets; and
      3. To identify potential collaborations among partners of ASEAN-CRN. Participants included ASEAN-CRN members, international development organizations, and CSO and NGO partners.



  • March 2023
    • Suresh Babu met with the director and researchers from the Pacific Centre for Environment and Sustainable Development (PaCE-SD) at the University of the South Pacific in Fiji in March 2023, to explore opportunities under CACCI Asia. He also met with the Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture, Environment and Sustainability for developing regional collaborative agreement for joint analysis and capacity development.


  • March 2023
    • Suresh Babu gave a Special lecture Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Systems: Global Lessons at the Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT), India on Mar 30, 2023.
  • February 2023
    • CACCI-Asia team met with Dr. Ravi Kota, Economics Minister at the Indian Embassy to discuss climate change related collaboration opportunities under CACCI-Asia.
  • January 2023
    • With support from USAID under CACCI-Asia, IFPRI and Michigan State University co-organized an international workshop titled Climate Change and Agriculture: Analytical Methods and Policy Options. This hybrid workshop which occurred  on January 17-19,  was specifically designed to enhance climate change-related analytical capacity of agriculture researchers, environmentalists, policy makers, analysts, and government officials. This workshop was held in partnership with the Centre for Agricultural and Rural Development Studies (CARDS) at Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore, India and the Economic Research Institute for ASEAN (ERIA) in Jakarta, Indonesia.
    • Kandy, Sri Lanka at the University of Peradeniya the Sri Lanka Agricultural Association (SAEA) in collaboration with PRCI, IFPRI, and IPS co-organized the 16th annual Research Forum of SAEA, held on Jan 20, 2023. The event titled Enhancing Agricultural Value Chains in South Asia, had 61 participants (including presenters).
  • October 2022
      • Presentations on the CACCI approach continue with stakeholders and PRCI country partners in Nepal and India.


  • March 2023
    • Suresh Babu met with colleagues from ASEAN HQ in Indonesia in Mar 2023, to discuss potential collaboration under CACCI Asia.


  • February 2023
    • Communications initiated with Ruslan Iliasov, NDC focal point in Kyrgyzstan, to discuss collaboration under CACCI-Asia.

Sri Lanka

  • January 2023
    • CACCI-Asia lead, Suresh Babu, visited Sri Lanka to discuss climate change related topics, including vulnerability assessment, NAPs and NDCs, and CACCI related work with potential partners. He met with the Director of Climate Change to discuss priority activities for implementation of Sri Lanka’s NDC.


  • January 2023
    • Tajikistan Evaluation and Analysis Activity Launch Workshop was held on Jan 25, 2023 in Dushanbe, Tajikistan. Sino Tohirzoda presented ‘Implementing Climate Action in Tajikistan: the CACCI-ASIA Approach at the workshop. The presentation focused on support provided under the USAID funded CACCI-Asia and related activities, including the inception workshop to introduce the NDC Secretariat, participation in COP27, and research papers being developed under the project. Sino also highlighted the responsibilities of the Head of the NDC Secretariat and outreach and promotion efforts by the Committee on Environmental Protection (CEP).
    • The official launch of Tajikistan’s CACCI program took place on January 25-26.  Sino Tohirzoda, the head of Tajikistan’s NDC Secretariat, a unit of the Committee for Environmental Protection (CEP), offered a presentation on the integration of Tajikistan’s agriculture development strategy with its NDC implementation plan. Tohirzoda also presented on CEP’s work at USAID’s annual meeting in Dushanbe at the end of January.
  • November 2022
    • CACCI-Asia was launched at COP-27 at a Tajikistan pavilion side event showcasing USAID’s support to Tajikistan as a model.  The launch event included a South – South learning session where selected Asian countries shared their experiences in NDC implementation.
  • October 2022
    • Presented CACCI approach and ongoing work in Tajikistan at a Regional Workshop On Climate Change Issues held in Cambodia.
  • August 2022


  • March 2023
    • Suresh Babu met with staff of USAID Uzbekistan’s Agribusiness Development Activity in Uzbekistan in March 2023, to discuss potential collaboration opportunities under CACCI Asia. Also in Central Asia, discussions were held with CACCARI.